Summer School in Malta: Holiday in Europe for studying English and the Oriental languages

A two-week holiday spent refining English skills as well as learning Oriental languages: fully comprehensive for a total cost of less than 1000 euros!

EEC English Language Centre, an institution with several years of teaching English behind it, has decided to create an innovative opportunity – to allow students who taking regular courses in Japanese and Chinese in Italy to take part in language labs catering for these languages. The goal is to further enhance what students have already learnt and to provide a supplementary point of contact with these languages with a twist.

This program is being made possible through a direct collaboration between EEC and The Maltese Centre for Asian Studies, a non-profit study group branching out from the Italian institution Asian Studies Group, which has already been involved with the island’s formative centres on an institutional and cultural basis for considerable time.

In collaboration with

The Summer 2012 program will be split up in three two-week sessions each spread over the period starting in the last week of July through the first week of September.

This consists of:

Two-way air ticket (direct flight with Airmalta/Alitalia/Meridiana from Milan or Rome. Low cost for other points of departure also available).

Daytime English language courses held at EEC.

Host family lodging arrangements incl. meals.

Language lab training in Japanese and/or Chinese four times a week (two hours per session).

Language exchange activities between students of Japanese and Chinese – additional experimental activities of a linguistically aggregative nature (both for English and Japanese/Chinese).

Participation in two Japan or China themed events incl. drinks and meals.

Student ID card providing discounts at several facilities and outlets on the island.

SIM card with phone number immediately enabled to save money on mobile phone calls and SMS.

This service is on offer for the first time ever in Europe and is highly recommended to our members at a minimal price of 980 euros (tax incl.)!

Reservations are open. For further information, contact us at