B2B: Business Program on Eastern Asia - How introduce your corporate and start relations

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ASG is promoting for our members a "special business service product" focused on concrete advisory, concrete consultancy for b2b program's arrangement and business mediation / negotiation's activity managed directly between companies involved on the same commercial field. 



Our activity, arranged among sectoral researches, information exchange, development and management of projects and professional contacts is carried out by subscriptions of supporting companies and professionals on whose behalf Asian Studies Group operates with diversified programs.

On doing so our Association involves several and well selected contributors creating co-operation’s atmosphere to achieve multidisciplinary purposes as real mission of our social promotion’s activity.

For our Members, Asian Studies Group favours direct and rapid communication with business network estabilished beyond the association and focused on reserch, didactic, negotiation, business mediation, company law, contracts management, interpretation and translation fields; in particular ASG facilitates the administration on several issues and projects for East Asia area.


In our program, arranged as research and professional facility for b2b's relations basically we include for both sides (Italy & EAA East Asia Area - JAPAN CHINA KOREA):

Customized Advisory, regularly arranged 
Start of Project / Research Issue 
Discount Rate for business network’s services

all consulting services issued by ASG are offered in english, italian, japanese, chinese, korean according to our clients without any overcharge for translations!


But we also provide more specific services for japanese companies that need concrete support in Italy to promote their activity as

Usage Policy of Milan’s HQ for temporary cultural & art’s events, business negotiations, meetings

Usage of ASG Milan’s HQ as operating desk for the project indicated on subscription form

Usage of ASG Milan’s HQ as own business address during the development of the project

Personal Consultants for direct and specific management of business projects issued among Italy and Europe


Viceversa In Japan, China, Korea we support italian / european companies on

- Introducing potential partners interested on arrangement of b2b communication with italian partners

- promoting government's offical programs as concrete support and sponsorship for investments program arranged with us

- managing contacts and business agenda to arrange the best and clear communication for potential partner s duringinternational exhibitions or business missions approved by our clients

- Advisory on contractual issues, distribution / agency contracts, custom's matters, import and export regulations, benchmarking

- Direct support in Asia for international exhibitions and business missions: interpreting, negotiating, preliminary research and reports, helping for concrete issues about the whole organization of specific business missions.


To introduce your business purpose or to get preliminary free advisory about specific business research or contractual matters contact us