The Association




Asian Studies Group was officially born in the October 2007 as specialized research facility, supported by academically trained staff, working in the field of Eastern Asia, specifically China, Japan and Korea.

The project originated in a systematic way after years of free activity and passionate research by students and supporters coming from the University of Milan (Cultural and Linguistic Mediation school and Statesmanship schools) and linguistic training facilities regarding Japan and China. 

After the registration in the Provincial register of Association as Association of Social Promotion in 2009, Asian Studies Group opened a new location in Via Bartolomeo Eustachi in Milan, creating an intense activity of linguistic training concerning Japanese and Chinese languages, besides cultural mediation among Italy, China and Japan. 

Since the foundation, Asian Studies Group channelled energies and interest towards linguistic training programs, guidance and workshops for several national and private schools, gaining the credit given by the Centro Stage, affiliated with Università degli Studi di Milano for senior year students. 


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    • Asg in Rome: Concept Asia
      Asian Studies Group is now based also in Rome. In collaboration with FUTURA (group promoting Art and cultural events), ASG has given birth to “Concept Asia-lingue culture e passione”, which will give different kinds of services to our members:
      • Chinese and Japanese Language Course (small groups or private lesson);
      • Korean  Language Course (basics);
      • Remedial Lessons (to help university students to pass their Japanese/Chinese exams);
      • Travel Consultancy;
      • Internship programs: at ASG's facilities or abroad;

The multidisciplinary ambition, together with a specialistic charisma, gave Asian Studies Group the possibility to create, besides the not for profit activity, a skilled business network operating in the field ofinternationalization of companies in Eastern Asia, specialized consultancy services and commercial and strategic mediation, through the contribution of partner companies.